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We have been working devotedly for the fashion industry for nearly 15 years.
After exploring several artistic fields such as collage, silk screen, and painting, João Lomelino discovered pattern designs. In print design he found the freedom to explore his creativity and visual knowledge. He is the creative life behind Blue Monkey.
Therefore, our clients have become a reliable part of our journey.
We are honoured to have had many happy clients and studios return for more collaborations. It has been a privilege to witness our designs fit the most versatile styles and brands.
We are about creating original and timeless designs.
By adding as much care and uniqueness to each print. As a result of our deep visual sensibility and thorough research, we are able to provide you with matchless designs that will enhance your collections.
Our prints are exclusive for our clients.
So, if you would like to explore our print shop, please fill out the membership form. Your request will be reviewed and when approved your account will be activated.
We believe in limited and matchless creations.
Here we rescue the care of the craft of pattern making though the latest digital tools. The most important thing you need to know is that this is not just work, it's our mission.
Joao Lomelino
Made by João Lomelino,
a Portuguese print designer.
The relationship with print design has brought me closer to Nature.
I welcome all aesthetics groups and expressions.
I feel stunned by the normalisation of conventional thinking.
Appreciator of the world and a keen admirer of the intelligence of Nature. Fascinated by the patterns I find in the fauna and flora, but also everywhere. Love the challenge of composing a pattern that repeats itself perfectly.
From the underground, the psychedelic, the reflections, the unnoticed, the eccentric, the subtle, the uncommon, the loud and the silence, I bring them all to my artworks.
I have always aimed to question the standards of aesthetics and beauty. My main intention is that the people who wear my creations feel that they are embraced by beauty as well as an expression of their attitude.
I aim to establish and refine my own signature style.
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